It's been over two years. I still think about her 2-3 times a week.?

It's been over two years since I broke off my engagement to her. I regret it all the time. At the time I Felt mildly suffocated and slightly trapped. I had never been in a relationship like I had with her. With marriage only a few months away (we almost eloped, but I backed out of that) I broke it off. Now all I do is miss her. Sometimes I completely break down. I compare every other girl I date to her. I break things off with any other girl I find because things just don't feel right. I guess I'll figure out any reason to let them go. I refuse to compromise though. What do I do? I Want to be over her. I need to be passed this. I feel lost though.


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  • You broke up with her because... you were afraid to get marfied or what?
    And yeah 2 years is a long time but you guys were very committed, about to get married and you 'made a mistake' and dumped her.

    You just gotta find someone else that will make your head crazy again.

    • I know it sounds cliche, but I guess I feared commitment. Especially once it was to be permanent. The idea that this girl was going to be the only girl I was ever going to be with again was slightly terrifying at the time. Now it's something I wish I had.

    • Well, you messed up. You can only move on now. And dude, feared of commitement. You should have thought about that before you got engaged

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  • You never realize what you have till you have lost it, you lost her, 2 years are long enough for you to realize you messed, pick your pieces and move on, make your life what you want it to be, you screwed it up now mend it yourself

  • You need to resolve these outstanding issues you have with her. Has she moved on? Is she happy with someone else? Have you spoken to her and let her know what a terrible mistake you made? If it were me, I'd tell you where to go - dumping her just before you got married because you were scared of commitment? Why on earth did you get engaged if you're going to freak out, you are aware that marriage doesn't mean it's forever, divorce is an option! I think you need to realise you have gone too far to go back, 2 years is a long time and comparing other people to her is just unfair. These girls probably want a meaningful relationship but are just wasting their time with you. I would suggest not dating for a while and talking your issues through with someone like a councillor, or even just a neutral unknown third party to help you close this chapter on your life and move on. I'm always a willing ear if you want to talk things out :)


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