GUYS: advice on relationship.. should I break up with her?

Question for GUYS: I've been dating this girl i really fancy for about 3 weeks now, but I'm seriously considering ending it, before it gets too serious.. here's why:

She lives about 1,5 hour away from me, and i only see her one-two times every other week. My two best friends are frequently out pulling birds and I'm slowly loosing my friendship with them because we no longer have the same lifestyle. I really miss the freedom of being single, and if i already feel this way now, I will only miss it more with time.

However, If I make the choice to end it this soon, I risk destroying her and sending her back into the depression she recently got out of...

Any advice from other guys having gone through this? :)

Any help is greatly appreciated..


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  • Why would you commit to a girl after 3 weeks? IF you've never said you were exclusive, there's no need to end it with her...just do what you want.

    You're not responsible for her depression. She is. You can end things or adjust the relationship an do it in a decent way. As you've said, the distance and not seeing each other is too much for you. Tell her you can still hang out, but you're not going to be exclusive.

    • We are exclusive.. that's the problem, mate.. :p

    • So then you end it. You tell her that because of the lack of time together and the distance you don't think it's a good idea you're exclusive. Next time don't jump so quickly into it.

    • I will give it a little time to see if anything changes, but if not, I will end it :)

      Your opinion is appreciated :)

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