Need some suggestions on this please help me?

I had 7 years old relationship we broke up with my girlfriend in dec 2013 and we had big fight before it. she said she was engaged to someone and after that i have not seen her or spoke with her.i met a mutual friend after 2 months of the breakup he said he moved on in her life and now she is really happy in it.he also said what will you do if she comes back to you?after that i have not heard from him or anyone i kept myself in complete no contact region.i want to know will she come back? or not
i really miss her


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  • I hate to say this but usually if someone left you the odds are against you in terms of them coming back. If it was mutual the chances are still slim. The fact that she moved on and got engaged means she found someone else. You should do the same.

  • i think its alright that you're having these feelings because, dang, it was 7 years! i do believe though that you have to move on a little bit, try either going out with a big group of friends, or you can try and meet a girl or talk to a girl that you knew from school. Its always a step farther when you already know her. maybe something good will come out of it


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