Breaking up trouble someone help me !!!?

So I broke up with my boyfriend and he is no kidding you begging for me to give him a week to prove that I still have feelings for him... Do I give it to him? And now he's acting werid! And I have five hour class with him everyday!!! HELP


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  • well if you broke up with him you must've had a good reason too, im assuming. if you don't wanna give him another chance then don't. just ignore him in class. if he doesn't leave you alone tell him to eff off.


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  • Do whatever you want to do!
    If you feel like there might still be a spark between you two, give him another chance.
    If you're done and a half with him, then just explain to him that you'd rather be friends and simply don't want a romantic relationship with him anymore, no matter what.
    Don't act weird around him because of it.


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  • That's not a question I can answer. Do you want to give him a second chance or not? Did he fix the reason you broke up?

  • What was the reason for the breakup?


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