What should I do about ex who is completely messing me about mentally?

Hi all, this is my second time asking about my ex because well I truly do not want to mess things up. She broke up with me because she felt she stopped feeling the same for me. Do you reckon there is a chance on fixing things? Next, I've been hearing that she stopped feeling things for me months back and carried on the relationship for other peoples benefits. What did they/she mean by that? I broke the no contact rule early because my first encounter went well with her but today when I spent a while with her in person things didn't seem to go as well, do you think it'd be best to pursue the whole no contact thing again for a while? In my presence she's been flirting with other people literally meters away from me but then have moments where she becomes really quite and plays on her friends phone. It's driving my crazy seeing her be loud and happy with other people as well as me to then have moments of just being alone and with held. She broke up with me 2 weeks ago and It's been playing on my mind about where I went wrong and what she thinks about us as whole at the moment. Do you believe that talking to her alone would be the best thing for both of us to clear my mind with things i've been hearing about the breakup and to see if she's contemplating about reevaluating the relationship? Or do you think it is too soon? Side note, it may be best for you to look at my last question to see a better understanding (Why is it when I see her I keep on thinking she's the most beautiful person out there? )


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  • dude, stop all contact and move on


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