Men...why would you offer to set your ex girlfriend up with a friend?

I tried to get a reaction out of my ex by telling him that I started talking to somebody. He then said he'd like to introduce me to a friend of his. What? Please explain that to me. I know...I was being childish by trying to get a reaction... Ugh!!!


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  • Frankly, you're way past the point of playing jealousy games.

    Maybe he sees what your goal was and either wants to show you he doesn't care or he wants you to have your attention on someone else.

    I've hooked exs up with my buddies before in order to direct their attention elsewhere. I don't know if other guys do it

    • OK... if that's the case why did he come to my home and drive by my work? Feel free to look at mt msgs below... I'd love to hear what you think he's doing. Thanks

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    • You're welcome, hope you get something out of all this.

      If its clearly over and no chance of things working out... well first of all that sucks and I'm very sorry for you.

      Maybe you guys should stop talking altogether then. Hang out with other friends, maybe date a little to get your mind off him. Being alone at home all the time is gonna make it even harder to move on so try and do things to stay busy

    • Thanks again for your responses... I had to block him because it was taking me back a 1,000 steps each time he contacted me. We were together off and on for 11 years... we chose not to get married but lived together for 9 years total... Like I said.. lots of history... I still love him and have NO desire to date... No one will ever compare to him. :(

  • Just because it didn't work out between you and your ex doesn't mean you or him are a bad person. Maybe he thinks you are better match for his friend than him. At that point he is just being thoughtful about your and his friends happiness.

    • Feel free to read my msgs below... I'd be curious for your response.

    • Sounds like you two had a lot of history. He probably still has some feeling for you, but like you, they aren't enough to make a relationship work, but too much to easily let go as well. I am sure he cares enough to see you are ok in life, and he wants to see you happy again even if it is with someone else.

  • its like the ultimate way of him telling you he's totally over you and could not care less about hooking you up with 1 of his friends which would be a total no go if he wasn't over you.

    • Hmmmm...see my response to the other msg...please explain that...

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    • I'll add more to it...3 days before the work drive by...he came to my house to help me fix something..._said he was there "as friends"...I DIDN'T ask him to help me fix why did he show up "as friends"? Ugh..too many mixed signals. :( Thanks for your responses.

    • he finds was to lurk around you. it def seems like he isn't over you. the one thing you're not supposed to do in order to get over a break up is go to places that remind you of that person and avoid the places that person goes to. he went to your house and work:p bahhaha! yeah he isn't over you but he's trying.

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