Was I never worth it? I've just come crashing down from the most perfect relationship ever, to be told he won't keep in contact when he travels!!?

Is it worth giving up on an amazing relationship to go travelling?
I totally fell for him!! he said he had fallen for me, we both held back because we knew his departure was looming but BAAAAM he is off and wants NOTHING to do with me!!
His email said i was the best thing in the world!!! What we had was special, 'maybe our paths will cross again someday'
Talk about dangling a carrot!
Is he lying?

Why would you give up on something if you think it is so precious?
What should i do? WAIT!!! Hoping that some fresh air might get to his brain and he'll realise how amazing we are?
What is going through his mind...
Should i just read it as black and white and let it go?


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  • Wow that's really really sad, if you have something so perfect why did he not take you with him? If it was me I wouldn't be able to be without you , I met a girl in another country and I loved her so much I got her to my country got us a home and married her!
    If he loves you so much at the very least he would hold off traveling until he had spent more time with you, or told you when he was going to be back and promised he would return to be with you!
    Forget him sweety he's obviously not as great as you imagine him to be:(


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  • nope. not unless I was lying then I wouldn't. if I had those types of feelings towards you like the way you described then how the hell could I just say no like that? lol

  • As amazing as you are to him, he is simply not in a place in his life to settle down or to be stationary. He had to leave, to accomplish his goals; experiencing life in new regions, with different cultures and demographics.


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