Should I text my boyfriend possibly ex boyfriends friend to help me?

so this weekend was the worst weekend of my life. i had already having some issues with my boyfriend being distant from me and then this weekend when i needed him so much he wasn't there for me. so the next day i dropped all his stuff off at his doorstep and said he didn't have to deal with me anymore... then i really regretted it and kept calling saying i wanted to kill myself i was going crazy because of what a stressful weekend i had with my family and friends. I've always had anxiety and depression and i basically just showed up at his house and had a nervous breakdown and he left and couldnt deal with it and i went to the hospital. i want him to talk to me so i can explain why i acted to crazy. should i message his friend in confidence to try and convince my boyfriend to talk to me again?


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  • I think you need time to get yourself together without worries and distractions of drama, especially from love interests. Get yourself help and get yourself better before worrying about a relationship.

  • Jooooooooocy avi :)

    Yes call your bf.

    • no i meant should i text his friend so that his friend could convince him to talk to me without telling my boyfriend that i texted him

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    • ok ill give it a little more time.. he's bipolar too and recently stopped taking his meds

    • Oh god. This is a recipe for disaster. Both of you need to be on meds for this to work.

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