If a guy you dated, says he hates you now after you guys broke up... does it really means he hates or are just saying that?

Well my new bf said my ex look pretty upset seeing us together and he scared him
But then he's saying he doesn't like me and he hates me and trying to make people turn against me
I honestly don't know why he is doing this because he broke up with me... then he is saying I am crazy too people and now he is seeing my crazy ways , when I was really sweet to him.. he even ask me too act mean to him lmfaooo ever since 2013 we have never had a long conversation... I don't say anything to this guy
I don't know what's his problem
But then he is asking my friend if I am still mad we broke up too find things out
Its like he's the crazy one lmfaoo
Please help me out! Because I am thinking of fighting him tomorrow because he is making a rumor saying I suck dick and now guys are asking me to have sex now


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  • Teenager guys is the topic. Number one thing is we believe that if we like a girl it comes from the heart. Teenagers tend to love at a 100 percent. When it turns to hatred it's at a 100 percent. Since are brains aren't developed fully we love and hate at a 100 percent. So basically it's like a farewell. But guys get hurt more In a break up therefor the love turns into hatred at a extreme.

    • Wtf I don't understand HE BROKE UP WITH ME !! I DONT EVEN TALK TO HIM

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  • if he said it, most probable is that no he doesn't mean it, if by other means you get to know that he hates you then he totally ahtes you, i hate my ex-gf but i have never told her because that's inmature, and if I really hate her it makes not difference knowing it, i hate her for trying to sue me for something I didn't.

  • I hate my ex, never told her though she must know she treated me really bad, second thoughts she is so crazy she probably doesn't know how much i hate her.

    • How she treat you badly

    • Eh it's a really long story and I've re written it daily :(
      Controlling, jealous , angry, violent, verbally abusive , destructive

    • Sorry can't be bothered to write in detail I've written it so many times this week lmao

  • its normal to have sour feelings after a break up , keep that in mind , he might just be upset about things or how they ended

    • Lmfaoooo how things ending
      He broke up with me , I hardly even argue with him
      All I said was whatever and walk away
      Then I argue about rumors , then I wanted to get back together but he said no
      After I haven't spoke to this guy at all and that was 2013 now its 2014 I have never a conversation with this guy

    • yeah I went through a similar thing with a girl , we didn't talk for months after she ended it and I wanted to get back together , we didn't talk for a while either , then she eventually reappeared and was sort of interested but then seems to disappear again and yeah she started some rumors about me saying I like stalked her even though I didn't even see her for months after things ended. I don't know some people just feel a need to make things end badly and hurt the other person or damage there imagine

    • I am going to report him

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  • Sometimes guys say that cause they are hurt or they don't like being rejected. No one does. I had the same problem with my ex. Rejection hurts and people turn to jerks

    • Lmfaoo but he broke up with me
      Soo I don't understand how he is hurt

  • I was on your side until you said you were thinking of fighting him. You do sound crazy. And 10. Who the hell physical fights? You're not a little kid. Grow up.

    • Wtfff he is making rumors about me o...O that's my name he is destroying LMFAOO I DONT NEED TO EXPLAIN MYSELF TO YOU SOO GOODBYE

    • Oh no not your name!!!

  • He is prob just saying that out of emotion.

    • I guess he is bipolar too me
      My new boyfriend said its like he hates me but likes me ://

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