How could he easily break my heart?

My boyfriend and I been together for about 9months. 6 of those months he was deployed. I did my best to make sure I supported him every step of the way. Just recently we started having disagreements at least once a week. I will admit it was stressful. He decided to break up. He said it wouldn't be fair for me to have him Physically while mentally he was wondering if he could get another girl. He also said I've been with multiple men and experienced a lot and he only been with a few women , our relationship is the longest he had. I'm in love with him. Should I fight for us or should I continue trying to move on? P.s. he said he dont want to be friends or talk anymore. And he said as much as he dont want me to go or to see me go he has to let me go and he was crying when this breakup happened... help what's going on? What should I do?
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  • He's not interested so you should move on. Maybe because you guys didn't have a chance to connect with him being away for 6 months. Next guy you date, you should make sure he's local.


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  • If he is going to judge you for your sexual history then he doesn't deserve you. He has no right to tell you that he is thinking about other girls while with you. You deserve a guy who will only think about you.


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  • Only YOU can make this choice but it seems to me that he is done for now. Let it go, I think, and find someone who will love u and know it's not all roses. People have ups and downs and still stick together.


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