Ex wants to stay in touch with me but I told him I want to cut him off and he got upset. Why?

My ex wants to keep in touch with me and for me to still be in his life and I tried the NC for 3 weeks but couldn't resist talking to him so I talked to him hoping he wants me back but he wants to be friends and it was hurting me so I told him I'm not going to talk to you or see you and he got mad. Because he said he wants to help me move on but its just making it worse. So I cut him off, what does it mean for him and why was he mad even though he dumped me?
Also is cutting off make him want me back and any suggestions of what else I can do?


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  • I have no rational reason why he would be mad unless he wants to control you. That is good you cut him off way to go keep going and do not look back.


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  • He justcwantedcsex but still felt an emotional attachment to u

  • He probably still loves u


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