I just broke up with my boyfriend and I am now regretting?

I started to see my boyfriend about 2.5 months ago. We are very connected and attracted to each other. However sometimes we do have some little issues. I am a sensitive type so i get bothered or hurt easily by what he says and does. So once in a while we do have some talks in which i told him what i thought and he listened to what i said. There was no yelling or shouting whatsover but he did say sometimes that he felt like I am too sensitive and that I am blaming him over small things. Last week, he pissed me off and I was too upset that I did not want to talk to him even when he tried to talk to me. Then he said he would call me. He did not call me for 3 days. I was upset again. After 3 days, he sent me 3 texts which i ignored. Then he called me when i was driving home from work so i told him i would call him back. When i got home, i did not call him right away so he called and i picked up. He wanted to meet. In the meeting, he said he was waiting for me to call and he did not even remember that he said he would call me. We made up. However after that I felt he was distant which I could understand so I still tried to be happy and please him. I understood it might take a while for him to get back to normal but I could not stand anymore when he got really pissed off with me just because i was touching the bruise on his leg. He yelled at me and was rude to me. Then he explained that it was very annoying and he had the kids do that to him all day (he is a teacher). I was hurt and did not want to talk. I broke up with him after that and he agreed. He said I am too sensitive and we dont match, that he hurts me and he is not even aware of that. He wants me to be happy but he does not see me being happy in the relationship. In the morning, when we both cooled down and started to show affection to each other but still considered we broke up. Now i am kinda regretting because i think i haven't tried hard enough. Do u think I can get him back and how
He said He was very depressed and started to think we don't match, thats why he did not call me in 3 days but still kinda waiting for me to call him first. And the reason why he tried to contact me is because he wanted to give it a go.
My point is he did not agree to breakup at the spot but started to think we dont match a week ago so maybe, he is really tired this time and will not want to get back to me?


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  • Being upset so often and so intensely cannot be good for your health; also the sentence
    "Last week, he pissed me off and I was too upset that I did not want to talk to him even when he tried to talk to me."
    Kinda proves that you're really crappy at conflict resolution, and you seriously need to work on that before you enter another relationship. Silent treatment is the least productive way of fixing things - it is literally just a means to make the other person suffer rather than come to a consensus.

    • I totally understand that. I always think i need to work more on communication. Thats why I want to get back to him even when he was the one who pissed me off all the time. Do you think I can get him back and how?

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    • The decision is up to him at that point.

    • Before reading your comments, I did not know that I hurt him that much too. I just want to explain a little bit more about the 3 days silence. He said he would call me some time and I took it very seriously because he does not always says that. I thought when he said that I should wait for him to call me. I know guys sometimes need time for himself to do his own things or to figure out something. However he did not remember saying that and was waiting for me to call him. I understand he was hurt but I was not doing any better during those days too. Thanks a lot for your useful advice.

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  • You might get him back by talking to him but honestly? it won't last. I am not a sensitive person at all and I have had relationships (friends, boyfriends ext) with people who were sensitive and it always felt to me like I was walking on eggshells. How can you expect someone to act freely and lovingly towards you if they feel like they are upsetting you by breathing? You need to find someone else sensitive that knows how to deal with it because people who aren't really can't.

    • Thanks for your input but i still want to try. I dont like that i am too sensitive and I am working on it. I've been improving a lot since my previous relationships. Its really something you can work on. Moreover, he is also the type of person who says and does hurtful things. He admitted that himself. So its both of us who need to improve.

    • Of coarse, but I am not the type to advocate both parties changing themselves in a relationship, it leads to people feeling trapped, after a while you can' contain the real you and if you want this to go anywhere you will have to accept each other fully. However if you want to try, good on you, just know the issues that you could face :) good luck, I honestly hope it works out.

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  • Have a serious conversation with him and tell him you still care about him. If you don't feel comfortable then try texting him.

    • Thanks alot.

    • You're welcome.

      I'm pretty sensitive for a guy also so i can see where you're coming from.. It sucks.

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