Is this relationship worth saving?

This guy broke up with me and he said I was manipulative. He said there will be a hard chance to prove to me that you aren't like that anymore. I said I see that this is your answer so I'll disappear so you'll never hear from me.. He goes stop being over dramatic and impatient.. And stop pushing.. This will be a slow road with a chance it won't work. He told me still has feelings for me.. But his daughter is moving in with his ex and he is having a difficult time dealing with that. He is an emotional man who cries and gets mad easily.

Do I even bother?


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  • That entirely depends on you. Do you still have feelings for him? Are you bothered by his mood swings? Do you like emotional guys?

    If you still have feelings for him, give him a chance. It seems like he has had some bad relational experiences and he needs to work them out. There is no reason that you can't help him with that.

    If you are bothered by his mood swings, you may want to hold off on that second chance. I know mood swings bother a lot of people. If you are one of them, this relationship may be difficult under good circumstances. Saving a relationship like that isn't normally a good idea.

    I know girls that love emotional guys and girls that hate emotional guys. If you enjoy them, you may want to work to get him back. Otherwise, this is looking like a lost cause.

    The bottom line is, if you feel for him and still want to be with him, try to work it out. The only reason you should be in a relationship is because you want to be. And you should be sure that you want it before you commit. But, to be honest, if you have to ask us here if it's worth saving, I think you have your answer already.

    • I do have feelings for him but I feel like I have no chance. I know I'm not innocent in this but I don't like how it will be a slow road but it may not work. There's no positivity in that

    • The positivity is in that it still might work. If you're looking for positivity, you won't find any in quiting. Giving up will ensure that you don't get him back. If you try, there is still a chance, even though the road may be slow. Sometimes the best things in life are the ones we have to wait for.

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  • If you can't deal with the emotional turmoil, then its not a good fit

    • I don't mind help him through it but I don't want to be a punching bag

    • A thats what you have to figure out, if you want to deal with the emotional and verbal abuse. I know it can be hard, but your choice

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  • I would say just move on to the next guy. he has a daughter and she's moving in with his ex. he cries and has mood swings lol. don't bother.

    • So he is just manipulating the issue?

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    • That's the part I don't get he is soo sure it won't work but giving me a chance.. I mean so I can try and him tell me no in the end

    • if he's so sure of the surmise then it really doesn't make sense to bother with it. it sounds childish as fuck. if he is already telling you that but then saying oh you should try anyways, omg that's annoying and dumb. I would just drop it.

  • If you have to ask this question then I'd say the relationship is beyond saving.


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