badly need help!leo woman & cancer manplease give me advices on how to get my ex cancer boyfriend back! i broke his trust?

Our relationship has been through a lot. Please bear with me coz it is quite long. I met my cancer ex boyfriend last August 2013. I was in bar he approached me to get my #. Im not very interested at him that time for Im still in love with my ex. but after awhile, i was surprised to realize i am no longer depressed because of my breakup and that i started to like him. We had a mutual understanding at first. But i noticed that both of us wants to be secured first before falling. i gave in & fell in love with him. When he noticed that i am falling for him, he said that i should not fall for him and that i should entertain other guys. so i did, and he told me that he was only putting me to a test.. WTF? So i failed. i found out that his ex wanted him back. So he got back with her because i think he felt that he is not secured with me. Eventhough they got back, our relationship went on & that was the time when i felt that he's afraid to lose me. They broke up soon & our relationship became better, we became official. He is starting to show sweetness but I failed him again. I had one of the worst days of my life & i got really drunk. He knows that im a total wreck when im drunk. But he said that i flirted with another guy in front of him. I honestly do not have an idea that i did that. He broke up with me. I want him back! I can't forgive myself of the fact that after all the efforts I've done for him, im gonna lose him because of my stupidity! Now he is interested with another girl.


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  • I hate to tell you this, but your boyfriend sounds like an immature guy. Very immature. For one, you don't tell someone to go see other people as a test. That is asinine! Second, he broke up with you because you flirted with someone else in front of him? Trust me when I say this it's him, not you. You deserve better. Anyone who is that insecure will have problems with everything that you do. It is not worth your time. I don't know how old you two are, but if you are 25 or older, this behavior should be gone by now.

  • Ill try to give some advice because you seem to really care about him but i feel I should at least tell you he sounds like a bit of a arrogant prick and wouldn't blame you for telling him to F off.

    I think if i was in your situation and this had happened to me, I would ask them to meet up with you sit them down and tell them exactly how I felt. That you like them and your trying to do what you can to make them happy but you made a mistake and now your afraid your gonna lose them.

    again on a side note everything i read sounds like its his fault, he shouldn't of "tested" you and when your having a bad time that's the moment when he should be looking after you and be his most understanding.
    You sound like a nice and good person and I would say ditch the sod and find someone who understands a relationship is between two equals.

    I hope something I have written you find helpful and wish you the best of luck no matter what outcome you decide on.


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