If you and your ex breakup and still remain friends and he asks you for advise all the time and says you're his closest friend what does that mean?

We were together for 9 almost 10 months. He's always says he thinks I'm perfect. And sometimes he can be way flirty. But he has a girlfriend. And when I'm with him he always talks about how he doesn't like her. but doesn't want to break up with her he says because he doesn't want her to attempt suicide.(she always tries) and he doesn't act like he likes her around me. He will also invite me to his house. And tell me to stay all night. He has also mentioned that he could fall in love with me again. I also think the girl is changing him for the worse. She makes him depressed he cuts himself and doesn't treat him right. I will admit i do still have feelings for him still.. I just don't want to get hurt again. What do I do? What do I think? HELLP!
He also always calls me a dime and still calls me my nicknames he called me when we were together


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  • It sounds like he can't let you go. I'm not saying that he still likes you that way, but is probably still attracted to you... This happens a lot when you're young and try to end on good terms, you enter a gray area. You have to committ to one or the other though, a friend or a girlfriend. You cannot be both or somewhere in between. Good luck!


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