When your ex who broke up with you is fishing to come back?

3 weeks ago, my bf of 6 months broke up with me very impulsively. The other day he forwarded me an email that he thought I would find interesting with a very friendly note attached, making chit chat and signing off with xoxo, like when we were together. I responded curtly and then he sent me another email with a stupid excuse that he needed to call me about something. He called and he was fishing as to my plans for the summer, letting me know that he'd be "around". I told him I was going to The islands for 2 weeks and he asked me to email him and let him know how it's going. When I tested him and suggested we meet up in the near future, he said yes, let's have coffee and hang out, it will be great to see you. Thoughts?


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  • Why did he break up with you?

    • It was very out of the blue - things were getting better and better so I was confused. He had been so loving and sweet, then did a 180 and said he wasn't "feeling it" and we had no future. Very cold and bizarre. I suspected another woman but he swore to me that there was not - who knows. He is much older than me and had intimacy issues. I think he freaked out...

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    • Absolutely, thank you! Tired of these men who are emotionally unavailable. He's going to have to really prove himself...

    • Good attitude! ;-) You go girl. Always remember you deserve the best.

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