Why won't he date me? I don't understand?

He's really attracted to me, we get along, we know each other really well, we know each other's families, we have common interests, we have great sex... he thinks I'm gorgeous, he's told me. When we have sex, it's definitely like making love with lots of kissing and cuddling and hand-holding. I'm really attractive and smart and funny. why won't he date me? We've been doing this casual thing for two years and he said it was because he was in school and then moving for grad school and not looking to date anyone. He kept trying to keep me around as a friend so that maybe in the future we could date but now he is moving really far away and we had go end it. Is that legitimate? Why won't he date me?

I'll even show pictures of me, so you can decide for yourself


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  • He is getting everything without dating then why would he?


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  • Why would he? He already gets to have sex with you and hang out dating you would be pointless. Its the old saying "why buy the cow when you already have all the milk"


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