My ex is trying to make me jealous and guilty?

My ex gf told me she had a crush on someone else, because she was lonely. But I was the one who put the most effort in the relationship, she never really did anything to reassure me she loved me. All she ever did was act really sarcastic and make fun of me. So, naturally I let her go so she can be with her crush. I told her I didn't hate her and I still love her with all of my heart but we shouldn't talk as much anymore and it's a been a week since that I broke up with her. Yesterday night she said that I was an asshole and all this stuff about this girl she wants to talk to and some other stuff about wanting a BF/GF. Why is she trying to make me feel guilty if she likes someone?


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  • She's likely trying to find a way to blame someone else for her actions. She doesn't want to be seen as the careless girlfriend who ended up liking someone else, it actually makes HER feel guilty. I know that you do love her, but it's best that you cut off all contact with her. She doesn't have mutual feelings for you, and hoping for a future get-back-together will just end up the same way as before.

  • clearly she doesn't know she's done wrong did u tell her what she did wrong if not tell her that her fault not yours but if she's doing all that then she ain't the one so do what she's doing... if it bothers then block her shell finally get the picture then


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