Do you think my boyfriend and I should break up?

Yesterday evening by boyfriend call and he received some heartbreaking news. He said that his dad got a new job in Cincinnati Ohio and the bad news is they have to move and they're moving on July 19. A few weeks before they didn't tell me they might be moving but we didn't know if his dad would get the job yet. So I am very devastated right now even though I'm happy for his dad that you got a new job but devastated because I love my boyfriend so much. My boyfriend I have been together for 8 months and I really hope that we will be together for a year but that looks like it's not going to happen now! My boyfriend/best friend is the best thing that's ever happened to me he's one of the best boyfriend I've ever had and now he's moving is not fair! We were thinking about doing a long distance relationship but we don't know if thats gonna work and we may have to break up. What do you think we should do? We're both 17.
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  • Maybe you could look at staying friends, and seeing where you go to college or work after school. If you are 17 then it might be one year apart finishing school, then you might find yourselves closer to each other


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  • Long distance relationships are very hard to maintain, especially if you are still in school or have limited funds available to travel. Remember the good times you had together and it is time to move on.

  • I say give the relationship a shot. The worst thing you could do would be regret not having done enough, so if you and he agree, at least try to make it work.

  • Unfortunately, forces outside your control are ending your relationship. Stay with him until he leaves, then say a sad goodbye, and move on.

  • Sadly I think it's best to move into friendship.

    • Man! This October, it would of be one year but my boyfriend has to move. He has no choice and he dont have family where we live.

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    • Yeah. This sucks

    • Yup. But you will get through it. And better that, so you can look back on the relationship with good feelings rather than a bad relationship where he cheated or something

  • im 4 hours from you/him. i live in cleveland


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