My girlfriend and I already kissed and she might be moving to arizona?

so we started dating in the end of may and she might be moving to Arizona what should i do


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  • You're very young!!! And you have a whole lot time ahead of you to be in more serious relationships. 1 month isn't serious and long distance takes a lot of effort to make it work. It's your choice bcs I can't tell you what to do.


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  • Honestly, you're young and a month really isn't exactly what most people would consider a serious long term relationship. If she's more comfortable breaking up you can always do so on good terms now and stay friends. If you're looking at a long distance relationship make sure you talk about it first and figure out what you're both looking for in a relationship--do you need to be physically close to the person? Is texting/ calling/ Skype close enough for BOTH of you? How are you going to stay in touch?


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