I want to get back with my ex girlfriend who just a week ago severed our relationship badly because of me being stupid.. I don't know what to do?

I have nowhere else to go for help. I'm 24 and she's 25 and my ex and I were together since June 2014 till May 2014 more or less. I accepted everything about her even her faults (something I would have never played into before her). It was all lovey dovey at first to say the least. Everything was great especially since we loved each other very deeply. She then introduced me to her family and then her father (she had never introduced any of her exes to him before me). I did the same and introduced her to my family whom I had never introduced before unless by chance occurrence with any of my exes. Things went well and in December her family from England came to NYC whom she had not seen for over 10years. She invited me to see them with her because she was scared. We all had dinner somewhere when I decided to propose to her that night (cool points galore lol). I wanted to get her the proper ring but it was still a good evening. Things continued to go well until beginning of May where she began to feel like our relationship was becoming one sided (I don't agree with everything but she had some points). Maybe I felt complacent after sealing the deal with a proposal I guess. Anyways she wanted a break and time alone. We still did things together here and there but she kept reiterating we were not together at the moment. Fine I accepted it but as time approached to her going on vacation due to leave time to avoid the stresses from her job/world etc she decided to take a trip to Florida and then I cracked. I guess to avoid being hurt any further and being paranoid I told her maybe we should call it quits. Stupid move on my part she got furious even after apologizing countless of times and writing her letters/gifts etc to express that. Upon coming back a few days ago She deleted me from Facebook and blocked me from Instagram and if I text her to see how's she's doing I get one word answers. What should I do? Just give her space and time and play it calm and collective?
Any advice?


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  • Aww honey I'm so sorry this happened to you but I honestly think the best thing to do is to give her some space and time and then text her and explain what was going in during the whole break and tell her how much you love her. I wish you the best of luck (:

    • Thank you I think I'll do that. Sometimes I wish there was a rewind button though but hey you live and you learn I guess...

    • I'm with you on the rewind button! But look you seem like a great and sweet guy I know you will figure this out! (:

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