Why is my ex girlfriend playing games?

okay so i recently started talking to my ex girlfriend after 5 months of no contact (after we broke up she used to tell lies to my friends about me) and she's playing games with me (after i told her that i still have feelings and still love her) if i dont message her for a week , she will ask me to hangout and try to make me jelous with some other guy when we are hanging out , then when i decide to message her the next day after we hangout she starts ignoring me? why is she doing this? does she still have feelings?


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  • Does she still have feelings? I can't answer that, not knowing her.

    You can answer this question. Do you still have feelings?

    You're kind of demonstrating why I don't think ex's should hang out with each other. It often doesn't end well.

    • ofcourse i want her back

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    • thats true in a way but we had to brake up because of something big and it wasn't because of our relationship , when we where dating she never lied to me everything was perfect. its just after we broke up she started acting weird

    • I understand. Perhaps you could consider that you are seeing her in a new light since you broke up. You're kind of demonstrating to me that ex's usually shouldn't hang out with one another. There are typically three major scenarios.
      1) Fast forward a few months later and they hate each other's guts
      2) Fast forward a few months and one of them gets his or her heart broken all over when the other starts dating someone else.
      3) Fast forward a few months and they're still friends with one another.

      Sadly, it's been my observation that 1 and 2 are the most common. I'd seriously consider breaking off contact with her if she has told lies about you. I think it's better to pursue a woman who isn't a liar.

  • Likely she just want to have you wrapped around her finger.
    It makes her feel good knowing that she can get you back whenever she wants. That is why she contacts you when you have been out of contact for a while, to check if she still has your around her finger. Making you jealous makes her feel attractive and wanted.

    You are like a security blanket for her. She uses you to boost her ego and probably doesn't want a relationship with you or have any deeper feelings for. Hate to be this blunt.


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