Is she the one missing me, after she left me?

So in a nut shell i asked my gf to take a break, I came back saying i love you she came back saying goodbye.

I begged for her back untill i found out from her that she is allready talking to other guys and that she has a crush on another guy.

After the break up she was saying shit about my father and other horrible things to me to purposly hate me.

I begged for her for two weeks then she called me i asked if she liked someone and she said she did.

I then said f you and hung up the phone.

After that call I have not contacted her. I begged for her said and did everything possible and she basically shit on me.

So now since last week she has tried to call me 4 times, and she texted me. Now 2 days ago she called me, then texted my best friend which she hates to death, asking about me.

Why is she doing this? Im not gonna talk to her anymore I am discusted in her and now resent her because I know the true person.

But as I said, why is she doing this after everything? Should I be answering the phone?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Begging gave her a sense of empowerment that she used to her advantage. Badmouthing your family was her way of getting revenge, and she called you up for attention. When you stopped chasing her, her insecurity took over and led her to take desperate measures to contact you. Don't call or text her unless you're ready, know what you're getting into, and know what you want to accomplish by doing so. Best of luck.


What Guys Said 1

  • I think she is doing this because she thought she was "all that" and more and could do whatever she wanted and still have a guy in her life, she has found out the hard way just how wrong she is and good on you for not returning her calls!
    Forget her, No you should not answer her calls! Remember how horrible she was to you?
    Either ignore her out right or give her one text saying "Leave me alone"


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