I need help with my breakup!!! I have some questions I need answers to. Please read and answer, thanks?

I'm 15 and didn't really have a boyfriend but we were a "thing" for about 7 months. As the relationship got more serious we agreed that it was ok to date others but to let the person know what happened on the date and who it was with. Things were great until a few weeks ago when he got very protective over me and wouldn't let me hang out with boys (well he would just get angry) I tried to fix the problem but we just kept fighting about it so I ended it. Like most relationships we got back together (we made it a secret so our friends wouldn't judge us, so around them it seemed as if we weren't together but we would hang out alone and be together. If that makes sense) it was working until I hung out with the same group of guys and we had the exact same fight. And I realized that I needed to have fun! I'm young and I don't wanna be tied down all highschool! So I ended it for the second time, about 2 days ago. (Oh you should know we have the same group of friends) and yesterday we all hung out in a big group and he would not say a single word to me. I tried to be friendly but he would just glare. He Even got most of his guy friends to be rude. Later that night he text me and told me that he had snuck out with some girl and held her hand which isn't a big deal, but it just bothered me that he just HAD to tell me. Also earlier that day his best friend told me that they were talking and he said that he still liked me and didn't want it to end... So I'm confused is he just trying to make me jealous? Or is he really already in a new relationship? Also how do i move on? I still like him but I know it's not a healthy relationship, so I want to move on so badly but I can't! Also how do I show him I am having a good time, without making it obvious in trying to show him? Please help answer these questions for me! Preferably guys answer, thanks


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  • you are still young.. and you can move on. focus on other things (sorry to sound like a parent) :(

    • How do I move on?

    • find other things to keep you busy, other friends, its hard. I got burned by someone 8 months. She lied to me, I can't listen to a song on the radio without crying like a baby and in public its hard esp in my night job. it hurts. somedays I just can't deal. You can do it. I know you can

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