Isit trouble in paradise? only after 6 months?

She left me 6 months ago. And straight away found a new loooooove. That was big show off to all friends family. The ither half even changed profile pic to both of them. Well... its been six months. Apperantly then things change like pink glasses falls off... She came when she was passing buy. Conversation wasn't warm. I was just cold. Now she even knows that i blocked her left commen on my pic that friend in common put there. When we spoked i wished her to spend like we did 4 years in relationship. It was on and off but thats the longesg she's been. To that she just loughed and said: dont think so. So in the end whats going on? Isit trouble in paradise?
Well i moved on. I just want to know why to bother text me boghering me;) i know she's still in relationship. Its kind of flattering her behaviour. As for man.


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  • Sounds to me like she was in a rebound relationship with that guy. Then they broke up. Now she is on the prowl again, but doesn't sound like she's open to another chance with you-sorry about that :(

    Sounds to me like she was willing to let go of you. So do your best to let go of her and find someone better :) Find a girl who appreciates what you have to offer and will be with you through it all.

    • I dont want her back anyway. people dont change. by the way she's still in this relationship. I dont know... Offer ur ex go for fishing laughing when i said that i wish u to stay for long time she was laughing. Something is off there. M i right: when u r happy in ur relationship u dont bother ur ex

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