Friends of ex-girlfriend staring. Reasons?

Broke up with ex-girlfriend about a month ago.

Difficult to say who dumped who, was in a way mutual. aka I sent her a text that she ignored, and when she messaged again a week later, I ignored that.

Now I notice her (girl) friends staring at me as I pass by.

In my past experience, I have been stared at like this when I was dumped by another ex, who most likely told her friends the reasons for dumping me, thus the stares.

In this case, what could be the reasons for the stares?

-> My ex told her friends that she dumped me and thus told her friends everything I did to leave.

-> My ex told her friends that I dumped her and told her friends how evil I am.

-> My ex wants me back?

Are these possible reasons? Thanks


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  • It could be all of the above, actually. However, the fact that you did not chase and beseech her, I feel, had more of a personal impact on her. If she felt anything for you, then your I don't care attitude may have took the wind out of her sails when she did not respond to you, which subsequently prompted her to call you.

    • Surprisingly, the male answer, which I could have come up with myself, was one of the best ones...

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  • Maybe they are just noticing because they think it's a bad situation and are concerned about either her or you or both. This might be the case if you guys were serious or always together when you dated.

  • Girls love drama. It might be totally unrelated. Get over it. Girls are girls.

    • Doesn't answer the question

    • Yes it does. Girls love to talk about everything. It could be all of the above or completely unrelated.

    • Noope.

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