Really need advice on my situation. Please help?

So me and my gf broke up on friday. She said we would get back together, she just needed time. So the next day we were talking as if nothing happened the day before. But then I asked her if she talked to her ex and she said they did. So I freaked out asking her numerous questions. Like did you guys flirt and etc. She then says i proved to her how pathetic i am, and that she was going to get back with me amd that I lost my chance and I won't get it back. Me and her talked this morning for 5 minutes. She basically said that she just needs time and she wants to enjoy her life. It sucks because she seems so happy but I feel so upset. She makes it look so easy as if I didn't even existed, makes me feel like she doesn't miss me. I do admit I am always up her butt. I fear that when she has had her time she'll just end wanting to be friends. :/ sorry this is so long. Please help..


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  • Ok, that must suck. One thing you have to know is that your gf is faking- of course she's upset! Maybe the relationship was exhausting to her and it was a great relieve for her to end it, but, even if that's the case, she must be feeling bad. Once I had a terrible terrible friend, but I liked her. She would "drain my energy", so I decided to end our friendship. At the same time I felt free and terribly upset. You ex must be feeling that too. I didn't understand your text quite well, but, as far as I understood, she changed her opinion from night to day- maybe her ex, when she talked to her, convinced her leaving you was the best option. Regarding to your fear of the relationship never starting again, I'm afraid you may be right. Probably the relationship was exhausting to her, even if she had feelings for you, so she won't start it again (that's, at least, what I did to my friend- I liked her but I felt bad around her). If you really want to date her again, then you have to let her take her time. You can't just always "stay on her butt"- you have to leave her alone for a while, let her think. Well, guess that's it. Good luck!

    • Thanks this was good. Im just that type of person who only wants to hear what I want to hear. Nut thanks for the advice.

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  • I was in the same situation
    Everything seemed fine and then she broke up and I was really sad
    I don't want to say your situation will end as mine, but she moved on
    It seemed so easy to her, she started seeing other people


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  • She was using your actions as an excuse. If anything you proved you know what's happening in regards to her flirting with someone else. It's going to hurt, just let her go. Do NC for a few weeks and block her on social media so you won't feel like you need to go on her page. Other than that, get out and meet new people.


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