My ex bf keeps texting me, can I still be friends with him?

So my ex and I dated for close to a year, we broke up because he cheated! After 6 months of not talking he randomly messages me that he wants me back, he misses me, he wants to see me, while still with the girl he left me for. I ignored him! He wouldn't stop texting me and he then told me he broke up with her. after 4 months of begging that he wanted to see me, I finally said yes, I had forgiven him and told him we can ONLY be friends! Well as soon as our date was over I got back all the feelings I had for him. So we started to see each other more often (no sex) and everything was going good. Until I finally gave in and for the first time he told me that he loved me. After I had given it up to him, everything stopped all the dates, all the I misses you's, all the phone calls and now he is only texting me for some booty! I still love him but I don't know if I should try a different approach to try and have a relationship once again or is he proving me that an ex is an ex for a reason and stop bothering with him?
Guys! He is just using as his toy right?


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  • Exes should stay exes. He missed having sex with you, nothing more. He got it, and what a surprise, lost interest. You might here from him when he gets horny again. Don't waste another moment on this guy. Amazing just how far some guys will go for sex.
    You need, want and deserve so much better. Don't settle. Find someone good for you and that you can grow with.

    • Thank you for being most helpful. Hope my words brought some clarity and you are OK. Hoping better for you :-)

    • Thank you! Your response helped me, but now I'm wondering if he deserves an explanation for ignoring him? I haven't replied to any of his messages. Should I?

    • Personally I wouldn't respond, but if you feel the need to make it a short explanation and you don't want to talk anymore. Then do not respond anymore. He will try and sway you to talk to him and weaken your resolve. Just remember he is just trying to get some. Be strong!

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  • It never ceases to amaze me how young girls fall for this. Ditch the loser unless you like drama.


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  • Yeah forget THAT! He sees you as someone who will ALWAYS be there & in cases like these that is not a proud trait to possess. He is clearly using and manipulating you. Love yourself girl, come on.


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