An important question about breakups?

My gf broke up with me on the 9th of June after 6 months. She lost the spark because I whined too much. She loved me a lot, and even told me she never loved anyone as much as she does with me. I was rude a lot of times, she even dumped me once for 4 days but I was sweet and got her back. Then she dumped me again because she couldn't see a future with me. Here I am, alone. In the first week post-breakup, we talked and she cared about me, though she seemed okay with it. She was upset when I tried to talk about our feelings. So I decided to agree with her on the breakup, and go NC. She agreed it'll be easier this way. But now she's partying a lot, going out every day to have fun. She seems to be happy. She told me that she's feeling miserable 3-4 weeks after a breakup.. She's working a lot and she's got a month of "summer". By the means of freedom. Is she really over me this much or is she just trying to avoid the feeling of loss?


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  • "She lost the spark because I whined too much"

    Don't feel too bad, it's a classic mistake for young men. Good grief, the amount of whiny manchilds on this website is disgusting...

    " I decided to agree with her on the breakup, and go NC."
    "she's partying a lot, going out every day to have fun."

    That's what going NC is all about. She's doing it right. You're not.

    "Is she really over me this much "

    She is well on her way to being over you that much.

    Read this :

    • I'm having fun, too. I was just curious about why is this thing. by the way there's this thing in this article: "It works in those cases where you and she had a definite relationship, and she dumped you because of very specific personality flaws. Flaws like being clingy, needy, weedy, etc." Well that's the cause for us. I'm already feeling better than I did yesterday and the main reason for this is that I'm starting to lose interest in her. I don't really like party girls, which she is these days.

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  • Yes, she's already that much over you. Here's the thing. When someone breaks up with you.. the relationship is over in their heart way before they actually say the words.

    • I should have known.. :) But then where did all these feelings go? Where's the love she never felt before? :D by the way my friend talks to her on fb and her behavior and stuff is just so forced and childish. I she drinks a lot and goes partying everywhere. She's not even the girl I loved. So that makes it much easier to move on.

    • People's priorities change. Here's the thing you have to accept. Women won't love you like you want to be loved. They are constantly looking for an upgrade. She did feel those feelings at the time, but some stud caught her eye, so off she went.

    • She's not the type of person who would dump anyone for another guy. I asked her when we were together and she said that she doesn't have a problem with being single. She actually enjoys it. She was together with a guy for a year and then she didn't even date anyone for half a year or so. I was her best friend at the time so I know this is true. She needs time before she can invest enough in a relationship. Although I f***ed things up pretty much, I cared for her in a way a stud can't. She'll have one of those lonely nights after a long day of work and I'm sure she'll miss the caring I gave her. But I'll be long gone by that time.

  • She's trying to avoid her feelings of loss. She's doing lots to try avoid thinking about you, as she probably feels really bad...


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