What does it mean when your ex tells you he's still physically attracted to you?

My. ex and I have been broken up for about a week and lately we can now talk to. each other a bit. more as friends. However, since we work. together at the end of. Night there's been days where we hug tightly and end up kissing each other. When I ask him let's work things out he tells me "I dnt feel. comfortable talking about that right now" or "you've hurt me too much.. and we can only be friends" ... when I ask him than if you only. consider me as a friend why do you kiss me? He says "because still physically attracted to you"... overall im confused.. apart of me feels he's truly hurt by what I did and is fighting to convince himself I might hurt him again... that is why I want to keep trying to win him. back.. the other part of me feels I shld just leave... however my heart tells me more... I love him and will miss him too much.. I want to marry him


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  • Whatever things you do besides sex he obviously misses and as most of us do he thinks your just a sexy as before.

    • I dnt have sex with him. because im waiting until marriage so him saying that makes me think

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  • probably wants to keep boning you. and keep it nsa or friends with benefits type of deal. I mean that's like all he said right? "im still physically attracted to you"

    • Him. and I haven't had sex bexaus I've decided to wait until marriage so that wldnt be the case

    • oh dude awesome sauce! I think its so cool when a girl is remaining sexually abstinent until marriage:D

    • He's told me before he obviously still has feelings for me but right now we can only be friends

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  • He still wants to sex you that's what it means!


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