Does he really hate me? Why does he hate me? What do I do?

(I'm in highschool) Me and my boyfriend dated for over a year & we had the most amazing relationship. We trusted eachother, we were both so in love, we had the perfect balance of being together and being with our friends, it was wonderful. We were bestfriends who were in love. We didn't fight much & if we did it never lasted long because he would always apologize cause he "never wanted to lose me" over something stupid. He was such a sensitive guy & I know he loved me. We talked about how we would be together forever, I was his world & he was mine.

Towards the 1 year mark I was being told that he flirts with other girls that him & his friends hangout with & obviously I was upset but had to trust his word when he said he didnt. So I did. This went on for about a month & the girls would constantly tell me that he flirts with them all the time & I began to believe them. I lost trust for him even though he said he didn't do any of that

In march, this one girl texted me & told me all these things he did the night before (flirting) & i was done. I called him & told him what theyve been telling me the past month & that I'm done & I want him out of my life. I was so angry & hurt that I said some pretty nasty things to him which I obviously didn't mean... I told him my life would be better without him & that I hate him & I never want to talk to him again. I also told him to delete my number. He didn't talk to me for a few days, got drunk everynight for the entire spring break & my bestfriend told me that the night I broke up with him he was crying on the floor for 3 hours saying that I didn't love him anymore. then he started talking bad about me to everybody.

Now we haven't talked in 2 months other than when we hangout in a big group of friends and when that happens he's being a DICK. his friends tell me he talks major shit about me and says he hates me

Does he really hate me? I want him back so bad. Please help.
Guys I need help


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  • Well lets look at it through his point of view assuming he's telling the truth:
    One day you meet this girl and she's perfect. She's gorgeous, funny, kind, and you just feel comfortable around her. Better yet, she wants to be your girlfriend! Hell yea! You can talk to her about anything and you know she'll listen. When she comes to you with her problems, it's comforting to know that she can count on you for advice and comfort. She trusts you. Every once in a while you get in a fight but it doesn't last long. Sometimes you know you're right but you know what? It's stupid anyway. So you decide to take the blame and admit defeat. Tomorrow it'll be forgotten.

    You're feeling good. You have this one other person who you know will be there to share the world with and you want to express your happiness to the world. You start hanging out with more people, both boys and girls because hey, why not? Life is great. One of the girls you are friends with is always doing something stupid so you tease her about it and you both laugh. You do this a few times. You know she'll know you're just kidding if she has any sense of humor.

    One day your girlfriend asks if you've been flirting with other girls. What? No way, you tell her. Why would you do that when you have her. She looks at you with doubtful eyes for a second but then dismisses it. You know she trusts you and that makes you feel nice.

    A few months later, after a night of fun, your girlfriend confronts you again. You can tell she's mad but you're not sure why so you ask her. She tells you that her friends saw you flirting the night before. You're about to argue when she begins to tear up a bit and starts to yell. She tells you her life would be better off without you. She tells you she hates you with all her heart. She's never going to speak to you again.

    • Sorry I got carried away. Point is, you broke his heart and it's possible he's done nothing wrong so maybe he just thinks you're a huge bitch. For all I know, he could have been flirting in which case my whole story is pointless. He probably does hate you but if it's only been two months it's likely he still has feelings for you... feelings of love are damn hard to get rid of. If you really want him back you should tell him. Tell him you didn't mean the things you said. Seems like he's always the one solving the fights so maybe this time it's your turn. He could just be a dick though...

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