Older men and women, are you enjoying being single after your divorce or LTR, (if you were DUMPED)?

Can someone please tell me how they are dealing with being single? I absolutely HATE it. Dating sucks. It's so hard to trust again. Ugh!!! Any suggestions are welcome.


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  • Being single your not tied down and can have sex whenever with whomever can be hotter

    • Hmmmm... so meaningless sex is great? Lol... how long have you been single? Doesn't that get OLD fast? That doesn't sound like fun to me at all. With all the damn STD's and unstable people out there... ugh!! Thanks for your response, but I'll pass.

    • A couple years and it's hot and also flattering to want to be slept with

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  • Just ignore the fact that you're single.

    • This coming from an 18-24 yr old. When you're my age, you CAN'T ignore that fact. :( Thanks though...

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