Is it to late? Feel like I'm being played?

I've dated this girl for a year now and the first 8-9 months were great. She was madly in love with me and so was I with her. But the last 2-3 months we kept arguing and it was about instagram and fb creepers and baby daddy issues. At first she was going to move to where I lived which was 2 hrs away from where we were both from.. We got a realitor and everything. Talked about kids etc. We both wanted the same things out if life. Now this last month I broke up with her and soon after we got back together the day before I went back home. That next morning she calls like she usually does in the morning and it just lead into another argument about how selfish and how I don't listen. So we get off and she texts saying she has a lot on her mind and that she's not happy. So I call her and say I'm not happy either and she should be happy and that life's too short. So 3 days go by no text no calls and I call her telling her I'm not happy how things are going and I can change. She of course says I won't blah blah. And she wanted space so gave it to her. But every 2 days she would text me to get a reaction out of me and that would lead into other conversation like who you been with etc. So that Tuesday I called her and poured ny heart out which made me feel like a dumbass because at the end of the conversation it lead into her saying it's over which I told her I just need closure. Two days later she calls 50x and texts me basically telling me if I had to do anything with my ex that I was seeing before her that it was over. After no response she paniced and called my mom crying to get me to call. So I call and it just leads into her not being able to get over the hurt and anger. 3 weeks of this and last conversation was about her wanting to be friends etc and iI said I was better than this and to her to have a great life. Now it's been 1 week without hearing from her. I'm confused and what to do. She know how I feel about her but I feel like I'm being played


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  • The relationship sounds great but it also sounds it has become very toxic and possessive. You both are no good for one another at this point. You both need to take time out and question what the relationship is now. Do you want to be blasted by her insecurities about social networking sites? Is she being overly insecure or are you acting sneaky with your social networking sites? You aren't being played, but you do have an emotional person who is devastated by the break up. Take time to breath, it doesn't do anyone good when you're both spitting fire. Keep calm and use your head, don't react to her hurt. Pros and cons - list them.

    • Thanks! Just a lot has went down in the past 2 months. I know what she felt and I know how I felt. But if it was up to me I would be with her right now but at the sane time I feel like if I text or call it will just lead to the same thing. Me being down and hurt because it's not what I want to hear. Sucks because I got really attached to her kid it's like a double whammy. She made it clear 2 weeks ago then her calling back 50x wanting to talk has made things unclear

    • She is just as much confused as you are except she's reacting to how she feels by her emotions of the day. She will blow hot and cold until she's calmed down. She has a kid so for the child's sake, allow space and time so as none of this traumatizes the child too. You both will need a long talk about what it is you both want in the relationship. Effectively, figure out ways to overcome your problems. Both of you need to compromise. No good if only one person compromises. When it's time to talk ask her if what she is fighting about is really worth losing sleep over. Are you doing enough to stop her from developing feelings of doubt? What can you do? Good luck!

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  • People do crazy things when they're unhappy. Like you effectively telling her to leave you alone and so she has. Nothing to do about that.

    • So should I just let things be? Last week we text a little and cut up but then if course I always ask were we stand and she always says she's not ready to forgive and forget.. just pisses me off because if she did love me she wouldn't be putting me in this shit hole of a mess

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  • I wouldn't say you got played. It's just how things went down

    • When I say got played it feels like she texts me because she knows that I'll show her I care and it feels like I'm fueling her and she's leaving me empty

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