I have chased and don't know what's going on?

Just broke up 2 weeks ago and she keeps giving me mixed signals. I deleted her off Facebook and instagram after the first real argument because she was adding back guys who were creepers on her social media. She deleted them at first saying that none of this was worth losing me but now since we are arguing she's adding them back it seems like to hurt me or get a reaction. She calls me saying she's sorry for letting everything get in the way one minute then the next she's apologizing for calling me and that she's hurt and confused and not ready to forgive. I don't know what to do but at one point I was thinking about marrying her now I'm confused on what she wants.. it's been 6 days since I've talked to her and I'm going crazy
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And she still has her relationship status up after saying it's over 2 weeks ago... I've had friends ask me why I'm single and she's still has hers up


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  • I think she's adding guys partly to get a reaction and also to get some attention i. e. rebound. To me it sounds like she's going back and forth because she misses you and is trying to hold on while, at the same time, trying to move on; she'll contact you when she's upset, but when she feels OK she doesn't need you. I know it's hard, but if you really want things to work you have to have space between you 2. There's a reason you guys broke up, and if you continue talking and fighting or whatever it won't change or get fixed. I've been there, it's not easy, but I feel like if I had done this with my ex things would have been better.

  • Move on. This just seems childish.


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