We've been broken up a few days now, it was a long term relationship?

Had a horrible fight I broke up with him and we haven't spoken ever since, how long does it take for a man to get over a long relationship? 4 years and engaged for a few months.


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  • Is this the first breakup you two have had? Unless one of you cheated, I doubt it's cut and dried over. Give him some air, he'll be back.

    • No. We have broken up many times. And got back together fairly quick, now its different. I broke up with him and we have not text each other at all... I think we are done, but I don't know if we really are? Kinda of sad, but I think time will clear it up.

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    • You are right, life is shorter than we'd like, there is no reason to be unhappy. I wish you the very best with everything. There are no easy answers sometimes.

    • I just don't understand why he text me, it just opened up my wounds and now I'm sad to know we might never be together again

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