Is it normal to feel like this after a break up?

my boyfriend broke up with me around 2 weeks ago, at irst i was really sad, kept crying, then i felt alright and didn't think much of him, but now i feel so down for some reason, like it just hits me he's not around anymore etc.

is this normal? like how do i get rid of this, its so annnoying! cause i know he doesn't feel like this.. even though he cried during the breakup



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  • It's going to be kind of hard, break ups hurt regardless of who ended it or what happened in them. You will go through periods of ups and downs that is absolutely normal, but what you need to do is keep yourself busy okay? Whenever you feel sad or down, see if you can hang out with friends, watch a movie or make dinner with your Mom or family, go out for a run to help release your energy and do things that you love to do, spend time doing things that make you happy, have you ever wanted to learn to play tennis or learn an instrument? Then DO it! As long as you take it one day at a time you will make it through, that's all you can do right now. Take this as an opportunity to push yourself, next year in school get more involved (if you're in school etc) or if you're a church goer, get involved in young adult group etc. (not sure how old you are) this is what my Mom always tells me... "Life is like a train, people come on and off at different stops, but each person that shares a ride with you is there for a reason, to teach you lessons in life that have to be learned, what's important is how you apply what they've given you, whether they stay on or not. But don't forget to also remember those who have been riding with you and are in for the long haul even at the end." You can do it, i know that you can, be brave, be bold be yourself! Best of luck!

  • I think it's normal. Just make yourself busy, find new hobby or activities, and if you are focus at your activity, you'll eventually move on and meet a new guy.


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