Will he ever change or was I too needy?

My BF and I broke up a month ago. We were in a long distance relationship for 2 years. We broke up once before and he begged me to get back with him and I did on the basis that he would move in with me last year. He then made his excuses and didn't move in with me last year but promised he would this year. I accepted his excuses and carried on. Now, 2 months before we're supposed to move in together, we argued over something trivial and he left again saying he was scared that once we moved in together he wouldn't have his own life. I tried to assure him that he would have more of a life once we lived together because then I wouldn't be so worried that I only saw him at the weekends but he thought it would get worse. Now we haven't spoken for a month. When we broke up, he still wasn't sure what he wanted to do so I said to leave it, does that mean he broke up with me or ball's in my court? Will he ever be brave enough to leave his home town for me? I still love him and really want to be back together but I don't feel I can ever trust the promises he makes to me anymore.


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  • That's honestly a lot to ask of a guy. To leave his family and friends for a woman. It depends on the situation though like why couldn't you move There or something.

    • I was in the middle of training to be a doctor. I'm due to finish in a couple of months and I said I could move to him and he said maybe. Then we broke up. I did try.

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