Why does it bother me that my ex is happier than me?

As I was on Facebook playing a crapass game called SongPop I forgot I had challenged my ex weeks ago I saw his new profile picture (I have him unfriended and blocked) and it hurt like hell! Only for an hour or so, but I just felt like seeing him smile as he walks outside (on his profile pic) I felt his life is much better than mine as I'm mostly sitting inside, studying for my finals and have had to do so for almost an entire month (he is completely free) it just felt terrible... Now I focused on him maybe not having such a good life as it may seem and it made me feel better.

Why do I even care? I shouldn't be bothered by his life, he's not a part of mine anymore anyway


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  • My ex uses the excuse of "I don't want to see you with whoever your with just like you don't want to see me with who I am with..." as her excuse to kick all of my family off her facebook. it was a very shitty thing to do with no excuse. it hurt a lot of people.
    She was the one that wanted the divorce not me. We were together 25 yrs. she was the one that never loved me. so she shouldn't care who I am with. she was the one that threw it all away.
    so who are you in this picture. did you toss him or did he toss you?
    if you tossed him then your right. why do you care. you didn't care for him then so it shouldn't make a difference. unless your jealous that he is happy and maybe your not?
    if you are the one that got tossed then it is natural to be hurt by him being with someone else. you didn't want him to be with her in the first place. it is good to talk it through with a therapist or friend.

    • "her"? He's not with anyone else. He did officially break it off with me in a sense, but I told him he was right in doing so... So I agreed to it. (basically, I had emotional outburts saying things I didn't mean that hurt him A LOT, and he couldn't take it and broke it off. And I couldn't promise it would never happen again. My communication was obviously faulty, but he prefered absolutely no communication when we had disagreements, so yeah... Not a healthy relationship.)

  • It's normal to not want your ex to be happier than you, but just remember that he most probably trying to show how happy he is and he is most probably no way near as happy as he looks in that picture. Don't worry about it:)


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