2 yr relationship ended suddenly with no explanation or warning?

My bf called me and said he wanted to be single and he just wanted us to be friends and it wasn't anything I did he said I was a wonderful person he is working out of town for the next two months and since he called and said that to me he has not called since I sent him on text asking if this was for good or just a break and no reply so I didn't call or send anymore he just finally started saying he loved me a month ago
Now he is texting me and he even tried to call, all he text yesterday was hope all is well and then this morning he text have a good morning hope you have a good week. I want him back but I am not sure why he dumped me in the first place


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  • While he is out-of-town, he wants to bang chicks and live the single lifestyle. To do that, however, he broke up with you to escape the culpability of cheating and any sense of obligation he had to you.

    With that being said, I'm willing to go on record and say that there is high percentage that with his return home, or in the days prior to being en route to his return home, he will have a change heart and reconsider being with you.


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  • For things to break up just like that, he has obviously found someone else, sorry about that, a 2 year relationship is a BIG deal, but he clearly doesn't deserve you to just swing you away like that. However it took him almost 2 years to say I love you? That was a clear sign right?

    Go out and find yourself another guy, one who deserves you! Don't give this guy the time.

  • Probably a younger chick. Game over.


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  • Hmm I could be wrong but usually I would suspect another woman.


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