Still crawling from the wreckage?

Hi everyone this is equal parts rant, venting my spleen and asking for advice so if I bore anyone or come off as self absorbed I'm sorry but I have to get this off my chest.
I split with an ex that I have a child with a year ago. Due to her cheating and generally treating me like a doormat I grew and backbone and ended the relationship for the good of everyone.
A year later she has a new house a boyfriend to play happy families with. I'm living in my little brothers old bedroom at my parents still paying off her debts.
I'm not saying she deserves a bad life or shouldn't ever be happy, but it's hard to swallow considering she wrecked our sons family and relationship and gets to swan off in a new one while a year later I, still picking up the pieces and paying for her mistakes.
This is compounded by the fact I've only had one date since the breakup. I have our son from Friday until Sunday night and he's an early riser so no one will babysit. so going clubbing or out is out the question. To increase my chance of getting a date I've been on an online dating site for a year and I socialise with friends when we all take our kids out any chance I get.
I've tried all sorts to get out there and increase the chance of meeting Girls to get a date but nothing's working. I can't help thinking I'm trying to hard and feel so resentful of people that just bump into prospective boy/girl friends whilst I'm going miles out off my comfort zone and getting absolutely nowhere. I deserve better than this.
I feel like I've got a life I don't want. I believe completely that you only get out of life what you put in. I'm giving everything but stil find myself with a life that isn't good enough or close to what I want.
So my question is do I just resign myself that this is as good as it's going to get? An also
How do I accept the unfairness of the situation Where my cheating ex gets everything handed on a plate whilst I'm still miles behind in the game of life?


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  • couldn't get past the first sentence:p but yes I bothered to type this hahah sorry buddy


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