Does she want me back or just being conversational?

I dated this girl a few years back. Despite our long distance relationship ending on less than great terms, she told me she thought we would get back together someday. I had reached out to her a few times and she became irritated and told me to not ever contact her again. I was crushed but I told her that it would be the last time she would ever hear from me. When she learned that I had moved to the city she lived in for a new job opportunity, she started messaging me randomly on facebook. I always respond but never initiate conversations. We aren't Facebook friends but I know she has a boyfriend, and have noticed a few times that she changes her profile picture from the one of her and her bf, to one of just her when she messages me. I wonder if there's anything there or if Im just reading into things too much?


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  • she sounds a bit seedy, she does seem like she wants you, maybe when she said 'dont talk to me again', she might have been in a bad state of mind so she didn't relaly know what she wanted/talking about. the changing profile photo, its pretty much a big sign, girls dont randomly change photos just to talk to someone unless they want something

    i dont think you're reading into it, i think she wants you back, or just seeks for your attention (if this makes any sense at all) this all depends if you want her back, but tbh she doesn't sound like she's worth it, this was like when my ex broke up with me a few weeks ago, he started crying and saying sorry i screwed up, i dont want a relatoinship right now its been 5 months, its too hard to juggle uni and work and you and friends at the same time... i dont think he's in the right head space atm cause its uni exam time, but sometimes if you give them space they figure it out (its not like we're gonna get back together, im just saying) , just like your friend here so decide what you want to do, then go for it.

    she also might just want someone who she's connected with to talk to though


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