Does he still wanna be with me?

My ex and I have been broken up for at least a week n a half due to him saying I hurt him by talking to other guys. However, lately I've been inviting him to go out with me and he says ok... at the end of the night he has kissed me before and says he still cares about me. However when I ask if we can be together he doesn't want to talk about it.. he says we can only be friends right now.. I really want us to make things work but when he seems like he is so sure about us justbeing friends I feel like what's the point in trying... at the same time I feel if he didn't really care why wld he still be there.. although I've been the one inviting him to go places.. I feel like these might be baby steps for a better future.. but idk.. what do you'll think?


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  • I think with all my heart and soul, being as wise as I am, he is being Cautious, putting up a security screen And-------Not wanting to wear his heart so quickly again on his sleeve. He's playing it cool with you this time, just taking things Slow. And I don't blame him. He's probably Still holding a grudge, Yet he Still wants you in his life because down deep he Still cares about you. Don't expect him to admit more right now. He's being careful, not careless. And Subconsciously, he may even be teaching you a small lesson to let you know he means business.
    Go with his flow of friends. Don't feel insulted. Any relationship, especially a potential fresh start to reuniting, should begin its beguine with Friendship to nurture and nurse. Makes lessons learned for a healthier new beginning.
    Don't give up. And don't pressure him right now. Let it alone. I truly believe you're Both Off to a great start. And even if you Do have to do a bit chasing, believe me, he likes this.
    Yes, I agree with You, you're catching on with your own logical thinking: "Baby steps for a better future..."
    Good luck. xx

    • I dnt want to pressure him or seem desperate but I dnt want to just stand around and not do nothing because that's going to make him think I've moved on.. almost everyday I've asked him to hangout and sometime he will other times like today he wnt.. I asked him today if he wanted to hangout he said "I appreciate the offer I wld but I already have plans tonight" it makes me wonder is he with some girl he's talking to? Maybe he's out with the guys? I don't know but I texted him after he said that text "wnt you miss me when im gone?" He said "yes" if he says he will miss me why isn't he out with me today? I feel like if im gone he doesn't really care :( even if she says he does.. im starting to feel depressed

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    • Ugh :( im so sad... I hate he throws mix signals one day he's kissing me the next day he cnt be with me because he has plans... however my friend invited me and him to go to the beach for the weekend like last summer it was her and her husband and me and him... I was thinking of planning a surprise beach picnic with a candle light dinner and a way to personalize it even more... I dnt want to be pushing things but at the same time him still hugging me and kissing me and today when I asked "will you miss me when im gone" and him saying yes makes me want to do more... ah I've never felt this way.. I think im in love because im. desperately trying to rekindle our romance

    • I know, I can tell u want this... Whatever u do, go slow, be careful... Yes, he is one day this way and tomorrow another... It is confusing. Maybe right now he is even enjoying having both worlds. And as far as sex goes, my suggestion right now, so he doesn't have his cake and eat it too, don't end up with a friends with benefits thing. I would tell him you don't Want this. This will enable him to have both 'You' and his freedom... I love your romantic idea, however not sure How he would react... Would he say "This is great, baby, but I told you friends for now?" I do approve of the beach foursome though... xx

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