What's the difference? Seducable? Or true feelings? Or is that the same thing?

My ex and I have been broken up for about a week and lately I've been inviting him to places at first he wld say not today... but later on he started agreeing.. when I try to talk to him about how I wld want things to work out again he gets upset and says no we can only be friends because he can't trust me. He has even told me he's talking to another girl... if its true... I know his schedule because he works with me so he usually goes home after work and if he's not I've invited him to hang out with me... when im with him ill start hugging him more, touching his face, being very flirty, holding his hand, he will tell me to stop.. but at timesill catch him put his arm around me, put his lips by my face to let them touch but doesn't kiss.. however recently he has kissed me and when I tell him if we are together he says he doesn't want to talk about it... I dnt want to a friend with benefits.. but I also feel like what if he really still has feelings for me and is fighting it.. supposedly he's talking to some girl but why is he with me and doing things "friends" dnt do...(no I dnt mean sex in waiting until marriage) just mean kissing, hugging for. now... what do you'll think should I continue to try to fight to win him back? Or what do you'll think is going on in his mind? He's told me before he's only physically attracted to. me but to me it means he still likes me.. he's told me before I obviously if I didn't care I wldnt be here... but why doesn't he want to be with me right now? Is he too hurt? isn't he afraid for me to go too far? Is this a test he's putting me through? What? Please help


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  • One question I'd have that would help to have an answer to is did you break up with him or did he break up with you? Without that answer all I can say is he must have some interest in you to be hanging out with you. I don't really buy the line that "he is only physically attracted to you" only because you are not giving him sex and its not getting that far really - which adds to my thinking that he likes you because if you deny a guy that is only physically attracted to you sex then they usually try to bark up a different tree and find a new girl. He says don't kiss him yet he puts his arm around you? - perhaps he's just shy but he is sending messages. It's not a test though darling. If it is a test the test is him testing himself and not you so try not to worry about that too much. My mother had a wooden plaque with some words etched in it. Those words ring true for me for all my life so far and they might help you too. "IF you love someone - set them free. If they come back - they are yours. If they don't they never were." He keeps coming back to you. He keeps hanging out with you. I promise you there is something there. Please make sure you have true feelings for him if you choose to pursue this any further though - otherwise both of you will get hurt more. If you don't have these feelings then just become best friends and that has a whole new world of rewards as well. I hope all this helps you. Cheers :D

    • Wow thanks so much you have great advice love the quote as well it is so true... my ex broke up with me because he saw guys on my phone and social media they use to comment or text "hey sweetheart" etc because I didn't say anything just shrug it off by text he said I was disrespectful... in his eyes I might as well shldve cheated.. I wld never do that but to him he feels he cnt trust me.. I told him you shld be proud if anything if a guy compliments your girl because at the end of theday you have me.. but since than our relationship went downhill and he broke up with me... however his mix sigbald are so confusing and I hate when he tells me he's talking to some girl.. I told him.. does she know ur still talking to your ex he says no I said why he said because she doesn't need to know that.. I said is she prettier than me he paused than said no... overall as much as he says he just wants to be friends.. he's already kissed me

    • I dnt want to be played either but at times he says things sarcastically like "well now you know how I felt" I know I wasn't the best gf but I've had trust issues myself due to past relationships and I know its not his fault but I have brought the baggage with me.. but now that im for sure he's distant himself

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