Is he actually already over me!?

My boyfriend and I broke up after being together for a long time. This was only a few days ago. He already has been out at the bar, adding his ex, and telling my friends i went behind his back, even though i never did (he never believed me).
Is he already over me by doing all this. everyone says he seems fine and is having a great time going out. makes me feel like im dumb for being a sob story.


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What Guys Said 1

  • He's hurting on the inside but is choosing to use alcohol, his ex and his friends as a form of comfort in order to try and get over you.

    • I know he goes right to substances. And blaming me for things that never happened but he hears and thinks are true. I just wonder if he will really realize what he did, or if he will be on this high horse now for good.

    • Just leave him to his own devices and focus on mending yourself.

What Girls Said 1

  • Who broke up with who?

    • He broke up with me. said it just wasn't what he wanted anymore and that 3 and a bit years was a long time and he wants to be an individual but not in a relationship setting. we had been fine

    • I really don't think anyone can just pick up that easily after 3 years with someone and I agree with the guy above's opinion. He uses all those things to forget how much he misses you, which is honestly a cowardly and immature way to deal with a break up.

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