How do you know if it's someone worth waiting for, fighting for or never giving up on?

What would make you hold onto the feelings of someone you're no longer with?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Someone is worth fighting for if: You really love her and you really believe in your heart that the future would be better with her

    Someone is worth waiting for if: You like them enough and if you truly believe that she will love you back eventually

    Someone is worth never giving up if: You truly love them and believe that they will love you back eventually and if their and your future would be better together.

    However, the caveat to all 3 of these is if she's moved on, has a new relationship, and never wants to talk to you again. Then, you just have to move on as well because there is really no point (sorry if that was blunt) in lamenting over someone that just doesn't feel a connection as well.

    Hope this helped.


What Guys Said 1

  • You feel it in your heart and in your gut instincts. If you get very excited just thinking about her smile and how she makes you laugh then you should wait for her. Fighting for her is not the best idea though. Let her decide by your forward positive actions if she wants to be with you. I hope this helps :D


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