Confused.. hope but no hope. Help me please?

I recently got broken up with in march for some. small fixable.. and. i have fixed. them issues. Mainly traveling, and becoming a more successful man. Now i have seen her, weve been on dates.. had sex, cuddled and made. out a ton, she says almost everyday she. misses, loves or cherishes me.. shes. brought up hopes of us only to retact a. bit saying thats how i felt at. that. time.. hot and cold.. i recently haven't seen her in about a month.. supposed to see her tomorrow. . Shes. moving an hour away but. already made plans with me.. even saying. soon shes. going. on vacation and want us. to do it. together.. not just to come... am. i. crazy. thinking all this hope or is she just. confused. and. i should. continue to help and worship her from afar...
Please help.. im 36 I've had loves.. but shes. MY HAPPILY EVER AFTER...


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  • I think she's still interested in you - you should express how you feel to her and see what she thinks of you too and obviously if she wants to have plans it means she wants to spend time with you and if you're having sex, etc. make it obvious that you still love her and show her that you appreciate her

    • Thanks sex has been 2 months ago, i asked her about vacation to where she quickly renigged ot saying not a good idea

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  • You shouldn't be worshipping anybody. It sounds like you've placed her on a pedestal. That's the wrong thing to do.


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  • It's obvious she still has feelings for you. You should talk to her about your relationship and define what it is/where it's headed. No one except the two of you can do that.
    Good luck.

    • Thanks. .. she wants friends with a if its ment to be it will be attitude towards us... she hugged me deep, sat on my lap and hugged me too...
      she's all i have ever wanted... she's what i deserve..

    • That's promising, she's open to the idea of getting back together. Sounds like you need to take things slow.

    • I dont. know what she wants... she. told. me that. day she. wants someone she can. build. am. empire. with.. she seems. to have discarded me and only keeps me around. cause. i always know the right things. to say to either calm her or help her make an informed decision.. its. day 2 of no contact... im doing. this hoping she would care enough to open dialogue but no...
      I love her so much but i guess its time to. let go. completely. . She seems. to like the idea of pushing. and. keeping me. away...
      But she said b4 she. left ill see u soon and she. wants. to come over my place. to see. the fight. on. the 5th... if we are even. talking by then

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