Did he love me? Or was I a consulting price?

So at the beginning of our relationship, in February, my boyfriend had plans to go traveling for 3 weeks this summer with 3 female friends. Before we got together, he had something with on these girls. Back in November, they kissed, he was in love with her, but she rejected him twice.
Further into our relationship, I told him I didn't wan him sharing a bed with her on their trip. He didn't understand that wish but he said he won't let that happend.
Long story, short:
Last night he drunkenly admitted to me that he still has feelings for her. He said he loves me, but still have feelings for her. She lives in the same dorm as him and is his best friend. So after admitting this to me, I told him I couldn't be with anymore.

I'm so hurt and angry right now. I cried last night and earlier today.
Did he ever really love me? Or was he just with me because she rejected him and I didn't. We were very close, I've met his whole family etc. But now it's over, and it hurts. I just feel so stupid and fooled by him :'(
Ever tried something like this?
Thank you all, for your answers. I really appreciate it.


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  • You have to move on without him in your life. If he genuinely loves you, he would never hurt you with his words or deeds. Him being drunk and admitting that he still carries a torch for that girl, reflects his true sentiments. The heart has only place for 1, so if he loves her, he does not love you. Maybe to small extent as you are his gf after all and he seems a little confuse, however I do not think that he loves you intensely.


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  • Oh no you poor thing :/ that's terrible.. I've never experienced this before but I know that if I did with my bf right now I'd be so heartbroken. Well drunk or not, good thing he told you. He obviously felt the courage to tell you drunk, probably couldn't handle it sober... which sucks but at least now you know instead of wondering.
    I'm sorry you're going through this but definitely let him go and don't ever feel fooled, you're not a psychic and can't predict the future or know what's to happen. You're only human and these things do happen, just be glad he didn't cheat on you.


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  • I'd agree with Jaron29, and I know how much these stuff hurt when you truly care about someone. But just be strong and move on, it will suck for some time but eventually you'll be good.
    My advice to you, make a clear picture of how you want your guy to be and to treat you and don't ever settle for less, if you do you'll just be missing out on being with an attractive guy who would geniunly love you and treat you the best you could imagine.


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