Rebound? Why is he doing this?

So me and my ex broke up after 2 and half years. We started to grow apart but then he told me he couldn't see a future but "would always love me". We broke up 2 years ago for the same reason but 6 weeks later he begged for me back. After we broke up I saw him texting this girl telling her about our break up and he was saying his head is really scrambled and he wasn't doing too well. I asked him about the girl Who I knew liked him but he insisted nothing was there and he wasn't attracted to her. I basically cut contact but we had a few convos here and there (inc a drunk call from him)

Six weeks later I saw a few pics on other peoples social media where he had invited her to an events and so I asked him and he said they were "taking things slow". I told him I didn't understand how he could go from one commitment to another and he said "who said anything about commitment?" And "steady on with the new relationship talk"

He said she had really been there for him through our break up and had helped him a lot (he told me himself and others told me he was doing pretty badly). He said he would never rub things in my face but I told him he was being disrespectful and Now he's started putting up pics of them on his own Twitter of him taking her to family events - like he's trying to rub it in! I just don't get it?
I know he's been having a really tough time so it just don't make sense?


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  • I'm a guy (Duh!) It makes perfect sense.
    He wants to keep stringing you along as he starts a new relationship.
    Call it male ego --- having women longing for you.
    In your dreams, dude!
    Here's the "should:" You should get as far away from him as you can, as fast as you can.

    • So does that mean it's a new relationship? I know he wants me in his life still but I'm not sure I understand how he can go from calling me his soulmate to getting with someone new? Is he doing it to get over me? Or just explore his new found singledom? Or just actually getting in a rship?

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