It's been nearly 2 weeks since we ended things and I'm still not over this guy I wasn't even actually dating?

it's been nearly 2 weeks since we ended things and I'm still not over this guy I wasn't even actually dating... any tips on moving on? I've never found myself this invested in someone. Is this as pathetic as I think it is?


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  • My sister said: Text him and let him know you want to be friends but you need sometime away from him if you want to be friends one day.. Don't let him talk you out of it. Move on and don't answer any calls. Don't listen to any messages or read any texts. Don't see him. Stay away until you go weeks without thinking about him. Live your life as if he never existed. Try not to think about him. Occupy your mind with things that challenge your mind. Try not to have periods of time when you don't have anything to think about so you will not think of him. Do things to make you happy. Don't do or say anything that will make you think of him. Stop talking about him to people once the initial pain of the break up is over. (The time period when you may be very emotional, think you can't live without them and want to call or text them constantly) Don't date anyone else until your over your ex boyfriend. After you can go weeks without thinking about him at all and can take him or leave him, then you may want to call him and ask if he wants to be friends. However be careful of your contact with him because if your not completely over him, the feelings will return. And if that happens, tell him your not ready and repeat the process over again. My sister said: This has helped her get over every ex boyfriend she's had and gave me the same advice which worked for me as well. She said time helps more when you don't use that time thinking about your ex.

    • this was really helpful, thank you, it's just hard because we've had absolutely zero contact since that day about two weeks ago, and he didn't even reply to my last text (TEXT!!) when that did go down which kind of hurt. it's just hard for me to realize that what I thought was there can no longer be, I guess

    • Yes it is hard but it gets easier with time and time not thinking about it.

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  • Tell your friends to give you a month or two to move on. After which, they have the right to slap you in the face if you're still not over him. On the serious note: Get busy with life. Meet new people. I also have a hard time moving on from people especially when there's a lot of "What if" questions left unanswered. Whenever those questions pop, tell yourself that it's his loss and you deserve someone better.

    • thanks girl, it really is those "what ifs" that kill me

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