Anyone else feels they need approval from someone after being divorced?

I'm in my late 20's, really never had a hard time attracting a man. But I've been single almost 2 years now, not in a rush to date at all.

I've been suffering from depression, not sure if it was masked by the pain I was feeling due to a toxic marriage and has been there all along (I'm thinking yes, perhaps) or if it's new.
And on top of that I've gotten quite a bit overweight, very controlling about what I eat.

I would just love to hear someone that I love and trust, in a relationship setting, that they think I'm beautiful or that they like me how I am, or I should eat better or take care of myself.

I don't know why I feel this way. I try to do this for myself. I don't believe myself. I don't love myself.

Does anyone else feel like they're in this black hole, too?
Also I mean UNDERWEIGHT... I am on my ipad.


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  • Well try being 45 after being with someone 25 yrs. more then half you life.
    the only way to get over it is to work on yourself first.
    once you are ok with yourself then start dating.
    women contol dating so you will have your choice. it is harder for women online because you have to weed through a lot of scumbags but there are good guys out there...


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  • Nah not really.. everyone's opinion of me always rings in at second best where I'm concerned but the problem I'm having is that sometimes I'm way too hard on myself. You are also probably being too hard on yourself... What do you think of yourself?

    • and why...

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    • I think it would help to be convinced/shown otherwise I suppose

    • It would be positive reinforcement but if you don't love yourself, no one's opinion will really matter in the end.. I promise you that : [

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  • Yes. That probably because your questioning yourself because of the lack of confidence that you have because of your last relationship ending and depression. Get busy. Do things so you can accomplish things which will give you more confidence and decrease depression.


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  • Its very, Very normal. During that period of time, its normal to suffer from depression, feeling of worthlessness, lowness, and severe stress mentally and emotionally. My sister went through a divorce and I witnessed her suffering and I was there for her all throughout. It is very normal for these symptoms to occur- it feels like you have been rejected and you feel so worthless and ugly and down and low all the damn time. But sweetheart, you’re precious and you’re beautiful… This isn’t bullshit reassurance, I am saying this in all honesty from my heart. So many beautiful, attractive, worthy women are getting divorced nowadays and the affect is very damaging psychologically. It takes time to recover, yes. I wish you the best in your recovery! <3

    I will not tell you to be confident or to throw away your feelings because that is bullshit reassurance, easier said than done and its not easy to let go of the feelings. It will not help, either. But one thing for sure that you should know is that we are here for you. Many more who share your feelings and feel the way you do. Any time you want to reach out and share your feelings, we are here for you to reach out and get advice. Never feel hopeless! Bless your heart :)


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